Boost Your Business With 3 Body Treatments Perfect for Summer

Summer is in full effect, bringing warm days spent outside at the pool or beach. With more skin on display in swimsuits and sundresses, now is a perfect time to offer skin treatments that focus on the body. Not only do your clients want their skin looking its best, but they also have to combat skin problems that come from sunscreen and sweat.

Here are three treatments that can help your clients get the summery glow that they’re craving!

Body Scrubs

A body scrub is a treatment meant to exfoliate the skin, revealing the healthy “newer” skin below. Exfoliation removes the buildup of dead skin cells, helping skin naturally look brighter. Regular exfoliation also promotes cell turnover and collagen production.

Exfoliating the skin also allows products to penetrate the skin more deeply so they have more benefit rather than just settling on the surface of the skin.

A typical body scrub treatment involves vigorously massaging an exfoliating product into the skin to loosen dead skin cells. The skin is then rinsed thoroughly and oil or lotion is applied to moisturize and hydrate the new layer of fresh skin.

Body Wraps

A body wrap can be just the ticket for smoothing and moisturizing skin. When you spend a lot of time in the sun or in a chlorinated pool, dryness can quickly become an issue.

Most wraps are applied after first exfoliating the skin so your clients get double the benefits from this treatment. Not only will skin look refreshed from the exfoliation, but the appearance and tone can improve with the use of moisturizing and hydrating ingredients.

Booty Facials

Just like the skin on your face, the skin on your backside can be subject to breakouts, dryness, and loss of firmness. With the current popularity of the Brazilian bikini, a butt facial can treat a range of skin problems.

A booty facial can improve circulation, enhance elasticity and overall skin texture, and help prevent acne so your clients will feel confident and ready to bare those cheeks!

There’s no one-size-fits-all method for the booty facial, but similarly to a regular facial, it is designed to address specific skin concerns. After assessing your client’s needs, you’ll cleanse and exfoliate the skin followed by a mask or wrap to help the ingredients penetrate the skin.

The Bottom Line

Much of the time, the focus of skin treatments is on the face. With more skin on display during the summer, it’s a great opportunity to serve your clients with options that address the body as a whole. Whether to correct problems like breakouts or simply boost their natural glow, your practice can benefit from offering full-body treatments.

PS: Another benefit of body treatments is both you and your client can wear your mask during a service.