Sleigh this Holiday Season: 12 Holiday Marketing Strategies to Increase Revenue for Your Spa or Salon

The holiday season is officially here and there are plenty of ways to boost your salon or spa revenue with clever holiday marketing strategies. If you haven’t already planned your seasonal marketing, it’s not too late. Need some help?

Here are twelve holiday marketing ideas that can give your end-of-year sales a boost.

Discounted Gift Cards

One of the easiest ways to entice your clients to purchase gift cards doesn’t require a lot of planning ahead so it’s a great option if you’re a little behind on your holiday plans.

You can offer a discount on gift card purchases so customers save money up front (for example $100 gift card for $80). Another option is to give bonus gift cards like where customers get a $20 gift card for every $100 worth of gift cards that they purchase.

Feature Stocking Stuffers at Checkout

Remember that even when your clients are getting a regular service for themselves like a haircut or facial, they’re still on the lookout for holiday gifts. By highlighting stocking stuffers at your checkout area, you give your clients an easy gift idea.

Holiday Happy Hour

The holiday season can be extra busy for a lot of people. Run a holiday happy hour special so clients can come in after work to fit in their normal services. Offering a special on blowouts is a great way to attract new clients who want to freshen up between work and a party.

An extra special touch would be to offer festive drink options or appetizers on particularly busy nights.

Buy One, Get One Free

As much as your clients are shopping for others this time of year, we’re all guilty of finding gifts for ourselves occasionally. A BOGO promotion is a smart holiday marketing strategy that allows your clients to purchase a product or service for someone else and score the same treat for themselves.

Be sure to use this promotion only on products and services that aren’t overly costly for you in either time or money. Try it with products you want to clear from your inventory or services that don’t take a lot of time like a brow wax.

Pictures With Santa

Save your clients the trouble of waiting in line at the mall and offer a picture with Santa for little ones whose parents are getting services. Be sure to provide a festive and fun backdrop to make it a worthwhile experience.

Partner With a Charity

Spread good will during the holiday season by partnering with a charity to host a toy drive or collect hygiene products for a local shelter. You can offer your clients a small discount for contributing.

Host Holiday-themed Giveaways

You can run a holiday-themed giveaway to encourage social media follows or email subscriptions. Those who follow you get entered in a fun giveaway for a product or service of your choice. This is a great way to build awareness online about your business.

Offer Free Gift Wrapping

Give your clients an incentive to make purchases by offering free gift wrapping for products they buy in your spa or salon. You can make this easy on yourself and your staff by using festive and fancy gift bags or set up a gift wrapping station in the salon with all the supplies to make their gift look beautiful.

Extend Salon Hours for the Holidays

The holidays are a fun but busy time of year. By extending your hours, you can accommodate your clients’ crazy schedules. Consider staying open a little later on Fridays or Saturdays during the season since many will have holiday parties on those nights. And don’t forget about New Year’s Eve!

Surprise Christmas Ornament Treat

Hide slips of paper inside ornaments that you use to decorate a tree in your salon or spa. Each client gets to choose an ornament and a chance to win a prize such as a discount on their service, a treatment, or some other goody.

A small product such as a lip balm or travel size product would be a great alternative to offering services. Even a festive candy would be a nice little surprise for your clients.

Create Holiday-Themed Treatments

An easy way to promote your current services is to give them a holiday spin. A standard facial can become a Sugar Cookie Facial with the use of yummy scented products. A Peppermint Body Scrub or Hydrating Eggnog Hair Mask bring a hint of festivity into your spa or salon.

Host a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Use social media to your advantage since studies show that people are on their phones more often during the holidays. Offer a different seasonal treat, such as a treatment or product, each day and grant entries for those who tag friends or share your post. Bonus entries if they do both.

The Bottom Line

You can give your salon or spa revenue a year-end boost by employing one or more of these holiday marketing strategies. Seasonal promotions are a great way to attract new clients, as well as increase the business you get from current clientele. Have fun and get creative!