Spring Hair Trends: Wow Your Clients With This Season’s Latest Looks

Each season brings new trends in hair and beauty. Sometimes the latest fad is a new style or color. Other times you might see a renewed interest in an older trend or a fresh take on an old style. Whatever the case, it’s important to stay informed about what’s popular to best serve your clients.

Here are some of the biggest spring hair trends so you can be sure that your skills are current and your clients are happy.

All the Layers

Regardless of length, layers are in full swing this season. From the cropped layers of an updated pixie to a midlength layered lob (long bob) this trend is all about adding texture and dimension. 

Both short and long styles can benefit from the added volume and versatility that layers provide. So if you have a client that always wanted Jennifer Aniston’s “Rachel” style, then this is her lucky day because 90s style is also in full force.

Go Out With a Bang

Bangs are back. Whether it’s a longer curtain bang that frames the face or curly fringe to compliment natural texture, bangs are having another moment. A longer wispy bang can be a easy way for clients to dip their toes into this trend, while the bold might favor a thicker baby bang that really makes a statement.

Quick tip: to keep bangs looking their best, a quick spritz with dry shampoo will help keep them from looking oily and stringy as the day goes by.

What’s Old is New

The shag and the mullet are making a comeback this spring with an updated take on these styles that were first popular in the 70s and 80s. Both styles require a love of layers, but the modern update is going for a less severe look with a more lived-in feel. 

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Short and Sweet

A lot of people are making major changes when it comes to length this spring. There’s the super short option that works especially well for tightly coiled hair, the edgier version that involves shaved sides with length on top, or the “bixie,” a cross between a bob and a pixie. There’s even a modern take on the bowl cut, using soft broken layers to make it an easy wash-and-wear option.

Classics Never Go Out of Style

This season proves that you can’t go wrong with a classic cut like the bob. This cut can be worn with or without bangs and length varies from lip length to grazing the shoulders. A shorter bob can keep its sleek lines, but the updated lob is going to be layered to keep it from looking flat.

The Bottom Line

While fall and winter are often about cozy comfort, spring and summer are bright and bold and full of fun. The influx of fresh updates to old styles like the mullet, the shag, and the pixie is an opportunity to experiment. Our course, The Modern Side, will keep your skills sharp and help your clients trust in your expertise when it comes to trends.