Summer Haircare: 5 Ways to Protect Hair from Root to Tip

There’s so much to love about the summer, but the effect on your hair probably isn’t high on the list. Extra time in the sun and days spent at the pool or beach can leave hair feeling dry and brittle. The warmer temps (and the resulting sweat) can take a toll causing limp strands or frizz. But there’s plenty of ways to combat summer hair woes.

Help your clients by sharing some smart summer haircare tips that will not only protect hair from damage, but keep them looking and feeling their best.

Keep Hair Hydrated

One of the biggest summer hair complaints is dryness. The sun, heat, and time in the water can suck out the moisture, leaving strands feeling brittle and dry. Combat dryness by looking for products that hydrate or moisturize the hair. Decreasing the amount of heat styling can also help hair retain moisture.

A hydrating mask done weekly can help restore the hair’s natural moisture. This is also a great time to offer deep conditioning treatments as an add-on or stand-alone option.

Protect Hair Before Swimming

Both chlorine and salt water can cause damage so protecting hair when you swim is key. Saturating hair with tap water before swimming is a great way to prevent it from absorbing the water in the pool or ocean. A leave-in conditioner applied before swimming is a good alternative. Lap swimmers should wear a swim cap for maximum protection.

Avoid Frizz

Frizz is the result of lack of moisture or damage from heat styling or color processing. Humidity can also be a culprit, which is why it’s so common in the summer when many areas experience higher humidity levels.

Again, hydration is essential because it helps replenish the lost moisture in the hair. Keeping water temps lower in the shower and cutting back on heat styling will help avoid frizz. Try drying hair with a tshirt instead of a towel since terry cloth is meant to absorb moisture quickly and makes frizz more likely.

Easy Ways to Keep Hair Off Your Face

Sweat combined with sunscreen can quickly turn hair into a limp or greasy mess so summer is a great time to incorporate tricks for keeping hair away from your face. You can always go for a classic pony tail or braids. A headband or scarf is an easy alternative, especially for those with shorter hair styles. 

Dry shampoo or powdered sunscreen can rejuvenate hair that’s gotten a little oily. Powdered sunscreen has the bonus of shielding the scalp from UV damage.

Protect the Scalp

Just as it’s important to protect skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays, it’s also smart to care for the scalp. While much of the scalp may be covered with hair, exposed areas like the hairline or part are highly susceptible to sunburns.

As we mentioned earlier, powdered sunscreen can be great for the scalp as it also soaks up oil and sweat. It can be on the pricier side though so an alternative is a spray sunscreen. You can make your own SPF scalp spray by diluting sunscreen with water in a spray bottle. 

The Bottom Line

Summer is a favorite season for many reasons, but it can really wreak havoc on your hair. Pass these tips along to your clients to help them avoid summer haircare complaints like dryness and frizz. It’s also a great time to offer summer haircare treatments like deep conditioning or hydrating masks.