What is Aquagold Fine Touch™ and Why Should You Use it in Your Practice?

The idea of Botox without injections might sound unbelievable, but more and more people are turning to a painless alternative called Aquagold Fine Touch™. Whether you have a client who doesn’t like needles or just isn’t ready to jump into the world of traditional injectables, Aquagold could be the answer.

What is Aquagold Fine Touch™?

Aquagold Fine Touch™ is a unique, single-use device that uses twenty gold-plated hollow needles to deliver a wide range of skin treatments. Each tiny needle is smaller than a human hair and enters the skin at a depth of just 600 microns. 

Distributing products into the dermis through this form of microchanneling provides longer-lasting and more noticeable results because the products don’t have to penetrate the outer barrier of the skin.

Depending on the ingredients used with Aquagold, you can offer your clients smoother skin, smaller pores, diminished acne scars, or a reduction in fine lines. The treatment itself stimulates collagen production even without the added benefit of the other ingredients.

Aquagold is a great fit for younger clients seeing the early signs of aging. Because the product is delivered to the dermis and not the muscle, as in traditional injections, the effect is more subtle giving it the popular nickname “micro botox”.

What is the treatment process?

The procedure is essentially pain-free and doesn’t require an anesthetic, though a mild numbing cream is sometimes used to avoid discomfort in more sensitive areas. After cleansing the skin, a customized blend of ingredients is added to the sterile tube of the Aquagold Fine Touch™ device. The tiny needles are pressed into the skin in an overlapping pattern, almost like you’re stamping the skin.

The treatment takes about twenty minutes. Clients may experience mild redness afterward, but no bruising or lengthy recovery time. To get the best results, three treatments spaced four to six weeks apart are recommended with a maintenance treatment every three to four months.

How can you bring Aquagold Fine Touch to your practice?

The Aquagold Fine Touch™ system can be ordered online by licensed estheticians. Free training videos outline the treatment process. The cost of the device varies. For the Aquagold Fine Touch™ brand, the cost is $175 per device with a discounted cost of $995 for eight or $1995 for twenty. A generic version is available for $15 each.

You can charge from $600-1500 per treatment depending on the ingredients used, but the average cost is $700 per treatment with three treatments recommended initially. Factoring in the varied cost of the device, your cost per treatment is either $15 – $175 plus the cost of ingredients used, meaning a wide profit margin of $525-685 not including the cost of ingredients.

The best candidates for Aquagold are clients looking for the appearance of softer, younger-looking skin without dramatic results. The treatment provides noticeable results, but it’s not a substitute for the power of traditional injectables.

The Bottom Line

The Aquagold Fine Touch™ treatment is a great solution for clients who want skin improvements without injections. With the ability to customize the ingredients, you can recommend this option for a wide range of skin concerns.