Winter Hair Survival Guide: 7 Tips for Healthier Hair

Winter can be a magical time of year when you get to enjoy cozy nights by the fire and wear all the cute sweaters, but it can also wreak havoc on your hair. The cold weather combined with the dry air from running the heat indoors is a recipe for dry, static-filled hair.

While you can’t change the weather, there are definitely some things you can do to help your clients deal with their winter hair complaints. Here are 7 tips to add to your winter hair care survival guide.

1 | Avoid hot water.

Sorry to break the bad news, but hot showers aren’t a benefit for your hair or your skin, especially during the winter. Yes, it feels nice to warm up under the hot spray, but hot water opens the hair cuticle and sucks out the moisture.

No one wants to take a cold shower in the winter, but try to keep the water on the lukewarm side to protect your hair.

2 | Wash hair less often.

An easy way to prevent moisture loss during the winter months is to wash your hair less frequently. Shampoo strips the natural oils from your hair so washing fewer times per week helps maintain hydrated hair.

You can recommend (or better yet sell) a high-quality dry shampoo to help your clients stretch the time between washes.

3 | Add deep conditioning treatments as a service option.

Give your clients an edge against dry, brittle hair and offer a deep conditioning treatment during a regular visit. This is especially beneficial for clients receiving color treatments. Permanent color and lightening treatments make the hair more prone to damage so adding extra moisture is a good preventative step.

A deep conditioning treatment accompanied by a hand massage while the conditioner works its magic is a great add-on option. 

4 | Use a humidifier.

When we let the heat run inside during the cold winter months, it saps the moisture from the air. Using a humidifier can help protect both your hair and your skin from drying out. Try using a humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep. 

5 | Don’t neglect the scalp.

If you read our trend predictions for 2022, you know that the scalp is getting a whole new level of attention these days. So don’t forget about tending to the scalp when it comes to winter hair care. A dry, itchy scalp is zero fun.

You can offer your clients some TLC for their scalp in the form of a hydrating oil treatment and scalp massage. Who doesn’t love a scalp massage?! Coconut, avocado, and argan oil are all moisturizing and nourishing choices.

6 | Switch to a wood or bamboo brush/comb.

One of the worst side effects of dry winter weather is static cling. No one wants flyaway hair, but the hats, scarves, and coats we wear during the winter can make hair a static magnet. Plastic brushes and combs make static worse.

Help your clients find a good wood or bamboo option to replace their plastic brushes and combs and consider switching the tools you use in your salon. 

7 | Add a thermal protectant to winter hair care.

While a lot of experts recommend not blow-drying or heat styling during the winter, that’s not always an option, especially since it’s a terrible idea to go out in the cold with wet hair. If air drying isn’t possible, use a thermal protectant to avoid heat damage.

A good heat protectant will not only help prevent damage from heat styling and hydrate the hair, but it also seals the cuticle to keep moisture in.

The Bottom Line

Though there’s a lot to love about winter, dry hair isn’t it. Help set your clients up for success with one or more of these tips to make winter hair care a breeze.

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