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6 Trends to Watch for Salon and Spa Professionals in 2021

As we put 2020 behind us and kick off the new year with high hopes, it’s important to look at how the salon and spa industry has changed and what trends we can expect in 2021. While it was a year full of unanticipated struggles, many businesses pivoted in new and exciting ways.

Check out these six trends for salon and spa businesses in 2021:

1 | Growing Emphasis on Technology

After a year of socially distanced, well, everything, it’s more important than ever to make your business tech-savvy. From client communication to virtual appointments to e-commerce, it can only help your business to use technology to your advantage.

Virtual consultations allow you to serve your clients when your physical location is closed or if they’re unable to visit in person. While you can’t provide your usual services, you can help clients determine the right products to use or share advice about skin or hair concerns.

Offering your clients a way to manage appointments online can save time for both you and the client. Even better, consider using an online client management system to streamline both scheduling and payment.

2 | Increased Retail Sales

As many salons and spas saw their doors closed by state mandates this past year, business owners turned to retail sales as a way to bolster their lost income.

Holidays throughout the year offer a chance to put together specialized gift baskets and product promotions. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or even gift baskets that focus on seasonal skin or hair concerns can be an opportunity to increase product sales.

3 | Importance of Inclusivity & Diversity

The events of 2020 prompted a sort of awakening across the country about how different ethnicities are often under-represented, and the beauty industry is no exception. Going into the new year, it’s going to be very important to ensure your salon or spa caters to a diverse range of skin and hair types.

Be aware of the retail products you carry and the services you offer to make sure you can attract and serve a diverse clientele. It’s also wise to be conscious of inclusivity in your marketing efforts.

4 | Continuing Education is Flourishing Online

Continuing education is always on-trend for an esthetician or cosmetologist who wants to keep their skills sharp. But 2021 will see a further increase in practitioners who seek education online.

With social distancing still a thing, in-person workshops aren’t widely available. Virtual options make it possible to do everything from meeting licensing requirements to learning cutting-edge techniques.

Take a look at the Kudos course options for your 2021 continuing education!

5 | Memberships & Packages Will Grow in Popularity

With a growing emphasis on the importance of self care, many people are trying new treatments to improve the condition of their skin and hair. As an esthetician or cosmetologist, you know that the best results typically come from a series of treatments rather than a one-time service.

To encourage your clients to book multiple treatments and get the optimum benefits, you can offer treatment packages or even membership options. Clients get a discount on the overall cost for purchasing a package or membership over an individual treatment.

6 | At-Home Treatment Options Are On the Rise

With many people facing the closures of their go-to spa or salon this past year, the availability of at-home treatments is increasing. Savvy business owners will jump on this trend so their clients will turn to them for help instead of the beauty aisle at Target.

Hair salons can offer customized color kits with detailed instructions so their loyal clients can cover their grays at home. Estheticians can sell facial kits or even retail versions of chemical peels, which offer a safer option for non-professional application.

The Bottom Line

The past year has taught the value of adaptation and we’ve seen that it’s more important than ever to be able to pivot your business in times of change. As 2021 begins, we’re still on uncertain ground so be prepared to continue to shift your business and think outside the box.

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