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No Sweat Strategies to Bump Up Holiday Revenue

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, which means you have the chance to attract new customers and bump up holiday sales with your current clientele.

2020 has definitely created new challenges for many small businesses, but sixty percent of Americans say they’ll be shopping local this year, according to the Visa Back to Business Study - Holiday Edition.

You can take advantage of this boom in local business by mapping out a smart strategy for increasing holiday sales. It’s time to get creative about attracting new customers and showing your existing clients some extra love.

Create Gift Baskets to Amp Up Retail Sales

Make holiday shopping a snap for your customers by creating gift baskets of products that work well together. Designing gift bundles by skin type takes away the guesswork. Help shoppers choose from oily, dry, sensitive, or normal skin products.

Add an extra treat or two to make the gift basket even more special. You could throw in a relaxing tea or a delicious baked good (individually-packaged is best for this year). A favorite exfoliant or lip treatment would also take an average gift basket to the next level.

Be sure to think digital this year. Many customers are concerned about in-person shopping. Display images of the gift baskets with product descriptions on your website or send them in an email to your current clients.

*As an extra bonus, you could offer free no-contact delivery as a perk for customers who spend a certain amount or for clients on your email list.

Digital Gift Certificates Make it Easy

You might be accustomed to selling gift certificates in your spa or salon, but you can easily increase holiday sales if you offer a way to purchase gift certificates online.

Digital gift cards are easier to buy and easier to give, especially this year when fewer people are gathering with family and friends to exchange gifts. It also makes it easy for someone from out of town to purchase a gift for someone who lives locally.

Offer Bonus Incentives for Gift Certificate Purchases

Give your customers even more reason to purchase gift certificates by offering a special holiday promotion.

For example, if a customer buys a gift certificate for $50 or more, they can get an extra $25 added on. So a $50 purchase would result in a $75 gift certificate.

Promote Pre-Holiday Treatments

Everyone likes to look their best during the holiday season so it’s a great time to reach out to your current clients. There might not be as many parties and in-person celebrations this year, but you can still encourage your clients to put their best face forward on video calls.

Microdermabrasion is a great treatment to promote because it exfoliates and refreshes the top layer of the skin without any downtime for healing. Lip treatments are also perfect for this time of year. Many of your clients might be struggling with dry chapped lips so exfoliation with a hydrating lip mask is just the pick-me-up they need.

When you market holiday treatments, be sure to emphasize the safety precautions your business is taking. Put your clients minds at ease and save them the trouble of asking.

The Bottom Line

The holiday shopping season is an opportunity to increase sales before the end of the year. By encouraging both retail gift sales and holiday treatments, you have the chance to earn extra business from current clientele, as well as bring in new customers.

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