Hi! My name is Megan Deterling and I have been a licensed Esthetician for over 12 years. Throughout the years when renewing my license, I often found the available CE courses to be uninteresting and a bit boring. Therefore, I was inspired to create an online learning platform to make getting CEs more fun and entertaining. I developed Kudos to offer a unique learning platform that utilized various educational mediums to encompass varying visual, auditory and written material that would appeal to all learning styles and make CE courses way more engaging.  Creating this one of a kind learning experience has been a passion of mine for the past four years, and I am thrilled to share it with you today!


In 2005 I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree from Texas State University of San Marcos in Family Consumer Science with a major in nutrition. I then worked as a health screener and personal trainer before going back to school for esthetics in 2008.  As a personal product junkie and a driven entrepreneur, I was motivated to gain more knowledge and credentials in the field of Esthetics.  In 2008 I received my Esthetic license from the Institute of Cosmetology Esthetics & Massage in Houston, Texas.


After obtaining my license, I worked hard to become a business consultant and educator for several different product lines and worked for various spas and waxing studios before branching out and deciding to work for myself.  As I embarked on my career as an entrepreneur, I was driven to share my knowledge and experience with others.  This passion led to the creation of Kudos and the development of a more interactive and engaging learning platform for Estheticians to expand their knowledge in a fun and entertaining way!

Kudos Esthetician CE in Texas

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