Boost Retail Revenue: How to Make Products Enticing for Your Clients

If there’s a silver lining to the pandemic, it’s that Americans are more aware than ever of the importance of supporting local businesses. While the appeal of same-day delivery will never go away, a recent survey shows that 70% of people want to support local businesses by shopping either online or in person. While retail may not be the primary focus of your business, it’s a hidden gem for boosting your overall revenue.

If you want to increase retail sales in your spa or salon, you need to make sure that purchasing merchandise is convenient for your customers. Not surprisingly, Millennials and Gen Z are more interested in online purchase options while 56% of in-store shoppers are over age 45. So let’s talk about how you can position retail options that attract different types of clientele.

In-Store Merchandising

As long as you have clients coming to your spa or salon for services, your in-store retail displays will be important. Pay attention to how your displays are set up, making sure that signage is attractive and easy to read. Be strategic about product placement, positioning key items in a way that customers can’t miss.

Make sure that it’s easy for visitors to see current promotions and discounts. Keep the displays neat and organized, and have fun changing things up or decorating for holidays or seasons. If certain products aren’t selling, don’t be afraid to move them out of valuable shelf space in favor of best sellers.

Your employees should be knowledgeable about the products you carry and should be educated on how to suggest product options to clients. A simple practice of telling clients what product is being used during various parts of their service is an easy, not-too-salesy method.

Another great way to boost in-store purchases is to bundle services and products by offering a discount on a service when certain items are purchased. You can also bundle specific products together at a slightly discounted price.

Online Sales

Many beauty service providers turned to online sales as a way to bring in revenue during pandemic spa and salon closures. Even though their doors are open again, many businesses realized that it can be lucrative to continue offering product sales through their website or social media.

Keep in mind that selling products online takes work, including building a website or social media presence, getting good product photos, writing enticing descriptions, and marketing. One way to give your online sales a push is to direct current clientele to your website or Instagram shop by offering a discount. 

You can promote your online retail platform by sharing product demonstrations on yourself or in your salon (with your client’s permission obviously), by explaining how products or tools work, or sharing before and after images. All of these methods help customers understand the benefits of a specific product, rather than simply showing an image and expecting the product to sell itself.

An online retail platform can also be helpful if you’ve run out of a specific product in your salon or spa. You can take your client’s information, order the product, and have it shipped directly to their home so they don’t have to make an extra trip. Not only does this save you from missing out on a potential sale, but it makes purchases convenient for your clients and alerts them to the online option. Rather than go to a different store or site, they know they can purchase directly from you.

The Bottom Line

Retail sales typically account for 5-25% of total salon revenue. If you’d like to boost the amount your business brings in from retail, you need to be intentional about sales. Both in-store displays and online platforms can work to boost retail sales if used strategically. Make it easy for your clients to find and purchase the products they need.