The Importance of Atmosphere, Part 1: The Key to Creating a Positive Client Experience

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. This saying is especially true when it comes to business. We live in a culture where people often make immediate judgments about whether a business is worth their time and money. You can help ensure that your salon or spa makes a good first impression by focusing on atmosphere and cleanliness.

In this two-part series we’ll first talk about why atmosphere and cleanliness are so important to your business. Part two will walk through how to create a positive and clean atmosphere in your salon or spa.

The Power of Atmosphere

Have you ever walked into a spa and immediately felt relaxed? You haven’t even started your treatment and yet you already feel better. The soothing colors, the quiet music, the pleasant aroma, and the staff ready to assist you are all part of the plan to help you unwind and enjoy yourself.

Now, picture the opposite situation. You walk into a salon and feel anything but comfort. Maybe the music is too loud or it doesn’t seem very clean or the staff ignores you. Instead of feeling ready for your treatment, you feel anxious and on-edge.

In either situation, the atmosphere contributes to a positive or negative experience.

The Right Vibe for Your Tribe

Every salon has its own style. Some are serene and peaceful, while others are modern and edgy. It’s up to you to decide what kind of vibe you want for your salon or spa. The way you brand your business will help attract clientele looking for that same environment.

If your style is high-energy with loud, trendy music and brightly colored walls then you don’t want to draw in clients looking for a calm and quiet experience. Your marketing efforts should reflect the atmosphere of your salon or spa so you attract the right clients for your business.

Cleanliness is a Non-Negotiable

No matter what the overall feel of your business, cleanliness is a universal standard. Aside from the importance of adhering to industry standards and regulations, there are few things that can sink a salon or spa faster than a reputation for being unclean.

All treatment rooms and service areas should be cleaned throughout the day, as well as the front desk and waiting area. Use a discerning eye when it comes to clutter and regularly tidy up retail shelves and displays. Pay special attention to the restrooms to ensure the space is clean and supplies are stocked up.

Don’t forget that your employees also want to work in a clean environment so be sure to check the breakroom and staff areas periodically and encourage employees to clean up after themselves.

The Bottom Line

The atmosphere in your salon or spa is a huge part of the client experience. The sounds, smells, decor, and staff all contribute to whether a client becomes a regular visitor or a bad Yelp review. One of the most essential parts of a positive atmosphere is cleanliness so it’s better to overdo it than risk your business appearing neglected in this area.

Check back soon for part two!