3 Key Benefits of Adding Vitamin C to Your Clients Skincare Routine

If you’re in the business of skin care, vitamin C is one of the most essential ingredients to include in your clients’ daily routines. While most people associate vitamin C with cold prevention and immune-boosting powers, there are many benefits for the skin as well.

Though most of us get vitamin C from foods we eat like citrus, tomatoes, broccoli, and strawberries, the only way to make sure it targets the skin is by using topical products.

So why would you want to recommend vitamin C serum to your clients for daily use? Here are some of the key benefits:

1 | Collagen Production

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that decreases over time. Lower levels of collagen can lead to fine lines, wrinkles, skin sagging, and a loss of firmness.

Vitamin C stimulates collagen production, helping to reduce signs of aging and improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Vitamin C is also shown to protect existing collagen.

Whether you have a client that is already trying to reverse the signs of aging or just wants to slow the process down, vitamin C can help.

2 | Antioxidant Powers

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, meaning that it protects us from environmental toxins and sun damage. Think about all the possible toxins your clients encounter each day: ultraviolet rays, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, and even alcohol.

Unfortunately, the amount of vitamin C we get through our diet has such a small impact on our skin that you need a topical product like a serum in order to see results.

While vitamin C serum isn’t a substitute for sunscreen, the two can work together for increased protection from sun damage.

3 | Lightening & Brightening

Everyone is looking for that youthful glow and vitamin C is a key ingredient in lightening and brightening the skin. Whether the goal is to reduce hyperpigmentation or even out skin tone, a daily vitamin C product can help.

Hyperpigmentation from sun damage, melasma, or aging is caused by excess melanin production. When vitamin C is applied topically, it decreases melanin production and helps to fade spots of pigmentation.

Vitamin C can also be used to treat inflammatory skin conditions and reduce redness, leading to an overall even skin tone.

How to Include Vitamin C in a Daily Skincare Routine

One of the benefits of vitamin C serum is that it is typically safe for most skin types. Most people can use it without experiencing skin irritation.

A serum can be applied once or twice a day, but it’s particularly important to apply in the morning to get the protection from environmental toxins.

You’ll want to instruct your clients to cleanse, tone, apply vitamin C serum, and finish with a moisturizer.

The Bottom Line

Adding a daily vitamin C serum is a great recommendation for any client who is looking to reverse signs of aging, even out their skin tone, or simply protect their skin from potential damage.

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